Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Welcome to lyvegyde!

Hi everybody!  Welcome to lyvegyde - my blog about the world of live webcasts and life as a newbie entrepreneur.  I'm Mary Stevens and I'm the co-founder of a new website (www.lyvegyde.com), a guide to live online events. The other co-founder is my brother Will Byrd.   He did most of the programming for the site (I helped out as much as I could along the way...learning some Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, etc.).  My focus is more on finding links to interesting events.  We also LOVE to have users submit events that we haven't come across yet.  

Together, we created the site as a central place to find links to interesting live webcasts, web chats, and other events that are broadcast live on the internet.  We have listed links to all kinds of great events since we launched about a month ago, and we have links to some really cool events that are coming up in the future.  Will had the idea for the site after finding that there were some really interesting events happening live online, but also finding that it was sometimes difficult to find information about them.  

Anyways, I'll be writing more about the things I discover in the world of live webcasts as well as my day-to-day life running a website!

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