Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Social Matchbox and Universal Sports...again!

I know that I just said that I love Universal Sports, but then I get this today..."we are currently experiencing technical difficulties with this site."  NOOOOOOOOO!  The site has been down for several hours now.  I hope that it comes back up very soon - I had a hockey webcast on my website!  Oh well.  :)

Well, I am glad that I went to Social Matchbox last night.  I was able to meet a few people and the presentations were interesting - some companies that were well established and others that were just getting started and some in between.  Maybe I should have given a presentation.  Maybe next time!  Back to lyvegyde now!


donald said...

I thought that TenthRow and CollectiveX seemed especially interesting! Although, I will say, with respect to CollectiveX, I think the social networking area is a bit crowded. But I really liked the modular functionality for designing group pages.

Mary said...

I am also looking forward to seeing how TenthRow develops...

JC said...

Hi, Mary!
Social Matchbox is also a "family affair" produced by Robert, my husband, and me. We are so glad that you encountered fellow startup entrepreneurs and concepts that intrigued you at the event last year.

The next Social Matchbox will be on April 2, 2009 at American University's Tenleytown campus. Details to come this week on,, and the "socialmatchbox" Twitter account.

Of course, we'd love to post the event on lyvegyde, if you are interested in helping us webcast. Let me know via "fnamelname" on Twitter.