Wednesday, November 12, 2008

CNN Live

I'm a pretty big fan of CNN Live webcasts, even though I don't think that everything they show is live.  It seems like quite a few things that they show are actually pre-recorded news tidbits.  They do stream a lot of live events (hearings, speeches, conferences, breaking news, etc...) though.  I just wish that they kept archives of everything that they show.  Anyways, they have a new contest where you can submit a picture of yourself watching CNN Live on your laptop in an unusual location.  

The website for the contest is  The grand prize is a Slingbox Pro which is a device that lets you watch your video sources such as DVR or DVDs on your laptop or cell phone.  If only I ever had the chance to watch live webcasts on a mountaintop and not on my couch!

Right now I'm on my couch watching a webcast that is listed on my site about how exercise affects the brain.  I'm trying not to feel too guilty about not exercising more!  My husband and I love to run, but we have not been as consistent about running lately as it is getting colder and we have some aches and pains.  We did go for a 2 mile jog last night, but I was pretty slow!  Oh well, I guess that it is better than nothing!  


Donald said...


Just catching up on your blog... We jogged another 2 miles last night, so we are on a roll, despite the aches and pains!

Mary said...

Another 2 miles today, 3 miles earlier this week....finally getting back on track!