Friday, November 21, 2008

Back to Normal

Thank goodness, is back up.  Universal Sports is still working.  Also, as a nice treat, C-SPAN's streaming video has been working on my computer for the last 2 days.  I have a MacBook and I was never able to use it to watch their streaming videos - I always had to use our HP laptop.  My brother had the same issue with his MacBook.  Anyways, for some reason, C-SPAN has worked on both of our laptops for the past 2 days.  Very nice!!  

I'm looking forward to a webcast that is starting in about 45 minutes.  It is a concert for a band called Liquid Souls from a website called FabChannel.  The website is based out of the Netherlands and they show live concerts from a concert hall called the Paradiso in Amsterdam.  I have listed their live concerts by Living Colour and The Levellers on lyvegyde.  I have been so impressed with these concerts (high quality performance, interesting music, good camera footage, etc...) that I am going to add more of these concerts.  Today's concert is a Dutch hip-hop/soul band that is popular in Europe.  Should be interesting!

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