Thursday, November 20, 2008

Universal Sports...what is going on???

OK, I am really starting to worry now about Universal Sports.  Their website has not been working (all that appears is a white page) since at least yesterday morning.  Please don't take this website away, I love it!!!  

Another sports website with live video webcasts that I really enjoy is  (It is kind of ironic because I just went to their website at it says "sorry, our website is not available for the moment due to a technical maintenance." I am assuming that it will come back to life in a few minutes....I hope!!!)  Anyways, their focus is "action sports," such as BMX and skateboarding, which can be a ton of fun to watch.  Unfortunately, they do not give as many specifics about their webcasts in advance of the events, so it can be a little bit unclear what time events start and exactly what they will be showing.  They have some BMX and skateboarding events coming up on Saturday, but I will wait until then to add them to lyvegyde, just to make sure that the events are starting when I think that they are.  I did post one of their events for this Saturday which is a concert by The Offspring.  I am looking forward to that - it really takes me back to the '90s!  :)  

OK, is not back up yet....Where is it?  Come back!

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