Friday, November 14, 2008

Today's Webcasts

Well, today I especially enjoyed watching some of the webcasts listed on lyvegyde.  The space shuttle Endeavor just launched and that was really cool to watch as it happened.  Earlier in the day, there was also some ice speed skating that was pretty enjoyable.  I also like following the political type events such as hearings and speeches.  There were a couple of those today that were pretty interesting.  I just don't think that I can add any more events tonight though.  There is always so much stuff going on, that it really is difficult to keep up with all of it!  I find most of the events for now while we are building up our user base.  We have had some user submitted events though that we have just loved!  I guess if instantly finding users were easy though, there wouldn't be a market for things like GirlInYourShirt.

Ok, on an unrelated note.  Why would Boston Market ever take stuffing off of their menu?  I went there recently and it had been removed from their menu, they had not just run out of it.  It had also been removed several years ago for a little bit of time.  Of course because Thanksgiving is coming, it is back now, but please....don't ever take it off again!  I am a huge side item sampler fan...stuffing, mashed potatoes, and another side with lots of carbohydrates!

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