Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oprah's Best Life

I am pretty excited because Oprah recently announced details for her Best Life webcast series for the week of January 12, 2009.  The webcasts will start at 9:00 pm and will follow the previous week's special shows featuring guest experts on topics such as health, money, and fitness.  

I am excited because the webcasts will hopefully be very well produced and executed.  Unfortunately, I have read that her previous webcast "class" for the book "A New Earth" had so many viewers that some people had problems watching the webcast.  I hope that they are able to resolve the technical issues this time.  

I am also excited because the webcasts are supposed to be interactive, with Oprah and the guests answering viewer questions.  I am not sure yet how this technology will work, but hopefully they will make it pretty clear how to submit a question.

Oprah's website has a link to "register" for the webcasts with your name and email address.  Even though I registered, I don't believe that I have received any special emails about the webcasts.  I was already on the Oprah mailing list though, so maybe it simply adds people to the mailing list.  I am hoping that if users go to the Oprah site on the day of a webcast that they will be able to watch the webcast without registering. 

Most of the webcasts we put on lyvegyde do not require any kind of registration.  One exception that I can think of is O'Reilly (computer/tech book publisher).  They host some interesting webcasts that I like to include, but they do require registration and they send you a special link to access the webcast.  It is a little bit of a pain and it may mean that not as many people watch the webcast.

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