Saturday, December 20, 2008

NPR Music

I love the NPR Music webcasts, but they were driving me a little bit crazy yesterday.  About a week or so ago, I added a link to their live audio webcast of a Mary Chapin Carpenter holiday concert that was scheduled for yesterday.  Their description said that John Flynn would open the concert which I thought was a little suspicious since I know that these concerts are only about 30-40 minutes long.  Anyways, yesterday I went to the link and it was only a John Flynn concert and most (but not all) traces of the Mary Chapin Carpenter concert have vanished from their website!  The concert was held at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, which brings me to my second point....

There were also rumors on Chain of Flowers (my favorite website about The Cure) that The Cure would be on World Cafe yesterday as well.  Fans on the site were very confused since The Cure is in California right now, not Philadelphia, and there was no information on the NPR Music website.  Yesterday, NPR Music posted the "session" that was recorded in Philadelphia in May.  It would have been very nice if it had broadcasted live back in May instead of waiting so long.  Anyways, it is just very nice that NPR Music recorded the session and has it on their website, even if it wasn't live at the time.  I still love the NPR Music webcasts!

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