Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Farewell Football

Well, this weekend was the last of the NFL's regular season game free, live webcasts. The webcasts were an experiment this year for the NFL/NBC, and I hope that they continue them again next year. I actually hope that they even webcast more games since they just webcast the Sunday night NBC games this season. The NFL has also said that the playoffs and the Super Bowl and playoffs will not be webcast live - that would have been very nice!

Generally, I thought that the webcasts were great. They offered multiple cameras that viewers could choose from (or viewers could watch all at once) and other features such as live chats and scores. While I am not a huge football fan myself, I can appreciate that the webcasts were very well produced. Unfortunately, the games were just streamed live (the NFL did not provide archives of the entire game) and could not be watched outside of the US, but maybe those both may change next year too.

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