Thursday, December 11, 2008

Golden Globes and Shameless Plug

This morning, the Golden Globe nominees were announced.  I had listed a webcast on lyvegyde that was supposed to start at 8:00 am ET from Premiere Entertainment.  CNN Live listed that their coverage would begin at 8:30 am ET. I listed the Premiere Entertainment link instead since I thought that they would have some additional coverage before the event. 

Well, the Premiere Entertainment webcast never happened, and the CNN Live one actually started around 8:15. Premiere Entertainment also does movie premiere coverage and tonight they are showing the Marley & Me premiere. I hope that they actually show it! About a month or so ago, I'm pretty sure that they listed another event that they did not end up showing. I think that they have great events, but it would be really nice if the schedule were updated more frequently if something live is not going to be shown.

I'm wondering if they will have a lab walking the red carpet at the Marley & Me premiere...

As for my shameless plug, check out The Tonight Show tonight - The Cure will be performing!

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