Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve - EarthCam?

Happy New Year's Eve!  I'm excited about the New Year's links that we have on lyvegyde, and I hope that they all pull through!  

This morning, the CNN Live website said that they will have coverage starting at 10:00 pm.  Now, it says that the coverage started at 9:00 am and it is just showing a webcam of Times Square.  I hope that their coverage tonight has actual commentary and is more than a webcam.

Speaking of webcams, I added the EarthCam link to lyvegyde for tonight.  I have not added their webcasts in the past since they tend to be just a webcam without additional coverage. Today though, they have webcams from celebrations around the world and their website says that their Times Square webcam coverage will have audio and video.  I'm hoping that the audio coverage is clear enough to actually hear performers and announcers.  The website says something about a "Times Square Broadcast Special," so we'll see!  

Finally, there is a company called New Year's Nation that is hosting parties in 10 cities in the US and they will be webcasting live from each one.  I could not find a starting time on their website, so hopefully it will actually work!  

On another note, I have found great concert webcasts before on a site called iClips.  I remember that they had a great "Election Eve" live concert with Joss Stone.  On Halloween night, they had a great Widespread Panic concert.  Unfortunately, they did not archive it, but that's ok, it was fun to watch anyways.  I was excited then to see that they would have another Widespread Panic concert tonight!  When I checked it out though, you have to pay $16.50 to watch it live and they also give you access to the video "well into 2009."  I hope that this is not a new trend for iClips! Please keep the live events free!  Since the webcast is not free, I did not add it to lyvegyde, but I thought that I would mention it here in case anyone wanted to watch it anyways!

Happy New Year's Eve!

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