Wednesday, January 14, 2009

lyvegyde for educators

With the inauguration coming up on Tuesday, it looks like lots of teachers and other educators are trying to figure out how to show their students live coverage without having to use a tv.  Hopefully they will consider using some of the inauguration day webcasts that we have been listing on lyvegyde.  Since we just launched in October, here is some information about the site for educators (including an INAUGURATION section below). 

lyvegyde ( is a website created by a brother and sister (that's me, Mary Stevens) to provide links to live, online events - primarily video webcasts, but also the occasional text chats or audio programs. We only provide links to free webcasts and we only rarely provide links to events that require registration (the event has to be really good!).  We include events from organizations such as universities, think tanks, museums, congressional committees, government agencies, concert halls, sports organizations, and more.  We also love interactive events, such as text chats or webcasts where viewers can submit questions.  We do not include adult or otherwise explicit content.   

We add upcoming events as we find them and also accept user-submitted events.  Whenever possible, we also provide links to archives of events once they have ended.  Our website automatically displays event times for your time zone.  We sort events into live & starting soon (within the next 24 hours), future (anything beyond the next 24 hours, sorted by date), most anticipated (users have saved these events as a "favorite"), recently added, categories (events may be in multiple categories), recent events (our past events - they are labeled with "archived!" if we have a link to the archive), our picks (our favorite upcoming events), and our favorite archived events.  The search feature is also helpful for finding events about a particular topic.  

lyvegyde is completely free to use and our website does not require registration.  You can create an account if you would like to save events in a "my favorites" tab, save events that you have submitted in a "my submitted" tab, change your default time zone, or flag an event as over if we haven't realized that it has ended yet. Sometimes events start slightly later than their scheduled time or the event link will change at the last minute, but we try to monitor everything and make updates as soon as possible.  Occasionally, video webcasts require software that isn't already typically installed on a computer, so it may be helpful to leave a couple of extra minutes to see if any special installation will be required by the event website.  Also, we check the archive links when we add them, but occasionally an organization changes these links and we may not realize that they have been changed.

Unfortunately, some of the organizations providing webcast coverage for the inauguration have released few details.  I will be updating lyvegyde as quickly as possible, including on inauguration day when I will be monitoring the sites constantly.

- CNN Live will be integrated with facebook on inauguration day for any schools or teachers who want to update their facebook pages during the day.  More details are here .

- The Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies website states that they will have streaming coverage of the swearing-in ceremony with CLOSED CAPTIONING, which could be helpful in a classroom environment.  The website does not say what time their coverage will begin.  The actual swearing-in ceremony takes place at noon ET on January 20th. See lyvegyde link here.

- News organizations such as C-SPAN, MSNBC, CBS News, Fox News, and more have also announced that they will have inauguration day coverage.  Find more links on lyvegyde.

Here are examples of some upcoming video webcasts during the school day that may be of interest to teachers and their students:

- Monday, January 19 at 1:00 pm ET - Princeton University's Annual King Day Celebration includes awards given to students in grades 4-12 for an essay, poster, and video contest - see lyvegyde link here

- Monday, January 26th at 9:45 am ET - The American Library Association's Youth Media Awards which includes the prestigious John Newbery Medal, given to an author for the "most distinguished contribution to American literature for children" - see lyvegyde link here

Other upcoming events may be of interest to educational leaders.  For example, on Wednesday, February 11 at 5:00 pm ET, Rice University is holding a panel discussion on the politics of teaching evolution in Texas. See lyvegyde link here.

In addition to providing links upcoming live events, we also provide links to archived events whenever possible. Some categories where educators may find interesting events include education, children & family, political, government, science, and more.  Sample events include the following:

- December 17th interactive video webcast with astronaut Richard Garriott from the Challenger Center for Space Science Education See lyvegyde link here.

- December 9th interactive text chat with the author of Odd Girl Out - The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls from PBS Engage See lyvegyde link here.

- November 12th video webcast about Trouble Online: Campus Computing and the Law from the University of Illinois at Springfield See lyvegyde link here.

Of course, if you know of a great upcoming free webcast, please submit it to lyvegyde!  Almost none of our events require registration, so if an event does require registration, it has to be good!  We love webcasts from universities, think tanks, museums, congressional committees, and the like, and of course, feel free to submit webcasts such as concerts and other non-educational events.  Simply submit the webcast link (that's all that's required - other details are optional) to lyvegyde or send an event to me at

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