Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another Oprah Webcast

Well, Oprah has another webcast tomorrow.  Just a couple of weeks ago, she had her week-long Best Life webcast series, so I am excited to see that she already has another webcast in the works.  The webcast is at 9:00 pm ET and features Dr. Christiane Northrup discussing hormone replacement therapy for women.  Users can use a form to submit questions for Dr. Northrup.    

I thought that the Best Life webcasts were very well produced and I was happy that they archived the webcasts very quickly the next day.  I was afraid that the servers would freeze up from the number of viewers, but I didn't have any problems watching the webcasts at all.  Also, it was nice that each individual person did not really have to register to watch the webcasts.  I registered before the webcast series began and I received links each day to watch the various webcasts.  I believe that the links were all the same, and the links worked without additional registration which was nice.

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