Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl - So, Why No Webcast?

Well, I watched the Super Bowl yesterday, but it was very disappointing to me since there was no official live webcast!  The NFL did stream the NBC Sunday Night games for free throughout this season, so I was really disappointed that they didn't follow through with a webcast of the biggest game of the year!  The Sunday night games were produced really well, with multiple streams, statistics, and chats.  It would have been a really nice touch to have the same features for last night's game.  

Four main reasons I can think of for why the NFL should have streamed the Super Bowl are:

- Allow people who are not near a tv to watch the game (I guess this really means people at work!).

- Allow people who do not own a tv to watch the game.  From what I have been reading, more and more people are getting rid of their tvs and just using the internet to watch programs.

- Online coverage allows for those extra special features such as multiple camera angles.

- When there is no webcast, it is frustrating for viewers who assume that it will be available online.

Plus did I mention that it is 2009!!  :)