Friday, February 13, 2009

Facebook & Cupcakes

I was so excited last night because late last night on facebook, I received an "update" from one of my "groups" (The Smithsonian Institution).  The update was about a live webcast today from 2-5 pm with an artist creating portraits of Obama and Lincoln out of cupcakes for President's Day.  I had not come across any mentions of that webcast before, so thank goodness for facebook!  It has been so much fun watching this webcast!  They are almost done completing the portrait, and it looks great!  It is made out of over 5,600 chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet cupcakes.  Tomorrow they are going to have coverage from the museum from 12-6:30 as well.  I'm not exactly sure what they will show, but at 5:00 they are going to let visitors eat the cupcakes!  I wish that I could go, but I'll be out of town.  Oh well.....

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